The Virtue Literacy Project VISION: 

  1. 1) PROTECT the virtue in children's hearts. 

  2. 2) PROMOTE virtue-rich reading and media for all ages - that strengthens and supports multi-generational family relationships.

  3. 3) PROVIDE a virtue-based rating system and easy-to-use online search platform that can renew culture by making virtue the new standard for media and entertainment. 

The Virtue Literacy Project MISSION:

We are establishing a lifeline for families to embrace HOPE for a better future for their children.  Together, we can promote virtue literacy—the knowledge of and the practice of virtue— through the experience of virtue-rich reading and media.

This ministry will be the answered prayer of every parent, grandparent, and educator who struggles daily trying to grow faith, conscience, and character in their children and teens.  Popular reading and media too often fills our minds with negative images like greed, envy, laziness, lust, anger, gluttony, and pride.  

We will harness the power of technology to create the only VIRTUE-BASED SEARCH ENGINE on the world-wide web. This search mechanism, called the VirtueSearch Reading & Media Guide, will enable families to discover high quality, virtue-rich books, films and music. 

The VirtueSearch Platform is Built on Four Functionality Pillars:  (Click on any line in the linked list  to learn more.)

  1. A Moral Compass of Virtue
  2. A Reliable Filter for Choosing Media
  3. Delight Overcomes Darkness
  4. Safe Video Viewing Can Be Good Clean Fun

The Virtue Literacy Project Core VALUES:

The 10 Commandments & 40 Everyday Virtues are the foundation of all we do. This simple foundation allows the power of God to be reflected tangibly in our efforts.  We will provide information about reading and media that is morally excellent, and upbeat motivation for families to choose to enjoy it.  Our efforts to do this work in a personally virtuous way is what will enable us to do tremendous good in the world.

This grass-roots effort of a tiny, yet determined group of people, has been influenced by amazing array of consultants and leaders who are passionate about faith, virtue and family formation. They have brought skills in theology, psychology, education, finance, technology, and ministry to the planning of The Virtue Literacy Project. 

As God gathers the “Virtue Crew” of staff and volunteers to work on this endeavor, our passion is to walk the talk. Our guiding principles and organizational values will be to exercise virtue in what we think and pray, do and say.  Our goal is to do our work in demonstrably virtuous and loving ways.

The Virtue Literacy Project FOUNDER:

Award-winning author, educator, and virtue advocate: Cathy Gilmore is the founder of the Virtue Literacy Project and the creator of the Virtue Rating System used on the VirtueSearch web platform.

The Tiny Virtue Heroes who are the icons of virtue on the VirtueSearch platform children's pages are the fruit of Cathy's imagination. Cathy is convinced that we can inspire the desire for virtue in children most effectively through their imagination, and thus has created the her menagerie of "Characters who empower CHARACTER in kids!" 

Find out about how to plan an event with Cathy, and meet her characters, story books and more at 

Thank you for your interest in the Virtue Literacy Project and VirtueSearch. If you can come alongside and support us financially, your generosity will be powerfully valuable. Please enter your donation below. Your donation is processed using secure encryption. Your information is safe and secure.


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