This effort to promote virtue literacy is not about what we are's about what we are for. We will work to eliminate demand, awareness, and interest in morally misguided simply shining no light upon it. Our job is not to bash, ban or boycott. Out motto is: "overcome evil with good". 

Here are just a few of the features we have planned to get children and families excited about using our VirtueSearch platform that joyfully inspires virtue literacy.

1) FAVE Winks & Social Collaboration: Similar to the popular thumbs-up icon used on social media sites, VirtueSearch users can be part of the "FAVE FAM"and login to give their favorite titles an emoji wink. The letters FAVE stand for: Faith And Virtue for Everyone. The FAVE winks show at a quick glance that others have enjoyed a title.  FAVE Winks are aggregated. At the close of each year, we will award select VirtueSearch titles, and the number of FAVE Winks is factored into that process.

2) Cute Animal & Insect ICONS: For children's titles, each of the 40 Everyday Virtues will have an associated animal or insect icon, adding to the enjoyment as children look for books and videos using  animal friends as part of the search criteria. These 40 cute critters are known as the: Tiny Virtue Heroes™. Visit to learn more about these "characters who empower character in kids".

3) VirtueSearch is the Great EQUALIZER: Pop culture content, classic literature, and faith-filled titles will all be featured side by side. This subtle but powerful integrated approach allows families to discover quality books, movies, and more that might have a religious theme, or were created by a small team- that they might have otherwise ignored. This also will provide a level playing field for discovery and enjoyment of both faith-focused and secular material that is full of good stuff. 

4) BROAD Commentary: Each VirtueSearch page will offer commentary from a member of the Virtue Crew. It is be a simple summary about why a title is a great choice and/or give a nuanced "head's up" about problematic content in an otherwise redemptive story arc. Links to other constructive professional news and reviews from a range of sources for more information are also included. We are not set on exclusively promoting our insights, we are aggregating opinions from a range of sources to help our site visitors make informed decisions on their own. 

We reserve the right to be choosy about what titles we rate & recommend. We embrace this task from a Catholic worldview. If you don't see some well-known titles that you like...which you consider virtuous...we may have excluded them because we determined they were a bit too morally cloudy or have less than high quality production value. (And in the case of some titles that are already well-known... they don't need our help for people to discover them anyway).

Let's lighten things up! Help us overcome darkness with de-light! Your donation is processed using secure encryption. Your information is safe and secure.


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