Since so much powerful literature, film, and music portrays the tug-of-war between good and evil, we need a way to recommend entertainment in which virtue is shown in the full spectrum of struggle that it it faces amidst darkness. While we are not afraid to recommend titles that are rough around the edges, or delve into difficult topics, we won't be recommending titles that celebrate and normalize depraved behavior. The titles recommended on VirtueSearch will focus on redemptive resolutions to conflict and temptation.

In addition to highlighting virtues that shine in our recommended titles, our rating system reflects more than a critic's opinion to evaluate what is "good or bad" in  reading and media. The VirtueSearch rating system is poised to provide a more objective and consistent standard. The filter through which we evaluate entertainment content is based on metrics from God Himself - the Ten Commandments. We use a form of the Commandments stated in positive terms. We call it: God’s Top 10 List™. This is the basis of our content filtering mechanism.

1) Love and HONOR the ONE true GOD above all else in heaven and on earth. 

2) Honor the precious NAME of GOD. 

3) Honor the Lord's SABBATH Day.  


5) Honor the eternal value of EACH human LIFE.    

6) Honor the miracle of MARRIAGE as God intended.

7) Honor the PROPERTY of others.

8) Honor HONESTY & TRUTH.     

9) Honor God’s DIVINE PROVIDENCE within marriage.

10) Honor God’s DIVINE PROVIDENCE regarding lifestyle and possessions.

Each VirtueSearch title recommendation page will include a section that shows God's Top 10 List™ in red or green. If all are green, that means there is nothing in the title that specifically offends God's Top 10. If one or more lines in the list show up as red, users are invited to click on that line for a simple description of content in the title that offends that one command of God's Top 10. This way parents, teachers and individuals have a simple reference to make informed decisions for themselves, and to teach youth to be discerning consumers of culture. Think "red-light/green light" for media.

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