The VirtueSearch website will be the home of the VirtueSearch Online Book Store. This online book store will sell many of the books that are rated and recommended through theVirtueSearch site. Your purchase of our recommended books will be a double blessing. You will have simple access to build a great library of virtue-rich reading. Plus, your purchase will generate resources for the Virtue Literacy Project. This store will be powered through the INGRAM order system with shipping direct to your home. This offers the convenience of Amazon, but your purchase will be a more powerful benefit (more of the revenue goes to the ministry) for the Virtue Literacy Project, than any Amazon "smile" referral program percentage could ever provide. Stay tuned!

Visit the VirtueSearch Book Store NOW as we have begun to add titles. You can shop and order books right away if you like - while we build our collection - before the official launch of the store. Use this link to: SHOP the VirtueSearch Book Store

If you are in a position to donate to the Virtue Literacy Project, you'll be among the first to have access to the VirtueSearch Online Book Store when it fully launches. If you choose to donate, your payment is encrypted and your information is secure.

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