VirtueSearch is made possible through the efforts of the Virtue Literacy Project.

You can be part of this important work. 

This is how we PROTECT the virtue in children's hearts
and PROMOTE virtue-rich reading and media for all ages.

Your gift enables us to establish the platform and to grow our virtue literacy outreach through it. We operate with the belief that human beings become what they consume!  As more people consume reading and media that is rich in virtue - they grow in the knowledge and practice of virtue and will be empowered to behave more virtuously because of it.

Together, we can make - with easy-to-search, and virtue-rated, title recommendations to READ, WATCH, and LISTEN - the new virtue-standard for media and entertainment. 

Everyone who helps in this effort is a VIP - a VIRTUE INSPIRED PARTNER!  

Donate NOW and help us ignite a Virtu-lution!

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